Master of fire!

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Model Homes

Sign says "Pioneer Estates - Model Home Now Open"


Cat vs Ceiling Fan

Muffy used up a life, but is fine.

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Prospective tenant checks to see (um, hear) if the apartment and neighbors are suitable.
Listen closely for the punch line right after she stops screaming.

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Baby Racoons

Sorry, not exactly real estate humor, but you missed a great party in Ken’s garage…

My orphan baby Racoon friends Rascal, Foxy, Brat and Dart. Too small to survive and too cute to kick out in the cold. They grew up in my garage. I haven’t fed ‘em for a long time, but they still visit often. Guess it’s their childhood home. This summer, Dart (the shy one) walked right up and introduced me to her babies. One was shy, so she coaxed it out. She’s a good mom. Yesterday Brat followed my car in the garage and as soon as I opened the door he was climbing my leg just to say ”Hi”. Ken ;^)

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